About us

BruhnBruhn Holding, formerly Bruhnspace Holding, was originally the parent company of Bruhnspace Advanced Projects AB (BAP), which later became Unibap, today listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. BruhnBruhn’s foundation lies in the research done by Dr. Fredrik Bruhn at Uppsala University, California Institute of Technology/NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Mälardalen University. The company knowledge base also lies heavily on Karolina Bruhn’s skills and background in finance, project management, quality assurance, and business strategy.

Today BruhnBruhn Holding is the parent company to BruhnBruhn Innovation and BruhnBruhn Properties (with the brand Cubiculum) and also harbors work done in research, investments, advisory and voluntary work. In addition, shared infrastructure in the company group is also situated in BruhnBruhn Holding, such as the IT infrastructure. The IT infrastructure is kept state-of-the-art to provide suitable engineering and development environment for tomorrow’s edge solutions.

Fredrik and Karolina are open to taking advisory roles in companies where their core knowledge can can bring a difference. In the company group, Karolina leads the work in the startup Cubiculum and BruhnBruhn Innovation, while Fredrik focuses on business development as chairman, and engineering as CTO. Fredrik is also available as a speaker or lecturer on Aerospace Industry, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems, Drone Technology, and inspirational talks about science and math for schools.

BruhnBruhn Holding is always looking for new possible investments in startups. Generally, we are early-stage investors in primarily technology-driven companies, usually academic spin-offs.

"Expecting is the greatest impediment to living. In anticipation of tomorrow, it loses today." --Lucius Annaeus Seneca