Knowledge for good

BruhnBruhn Holding is a family-owned business dedicated to research, investments, advisory services, and philanthropic endeavors. At its core, the company values the sharing of knowledge for the betterment of humanity. With extensive experience and expertise gained through years of dedicated work in highly demanding industries such as aerospace, defense, and engineering, Fredrik Bruhn and Karolina Bruhn have a wealth of wisdom to offer.

Fredrik and Karolina actively share their insights and knowledge through various channels, including lectures, advisory roles, management consulting, and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and talented individuals. They are committed to empowering others and driving innovation through their guidance and support.

In addition to its primary focus, BruhnBruhn Holding serves as the parent company for BruhnBruhn Innovation and BruhnBruhn Properties, known for its trademark Cubiculum. These entities further contribute to the company’s mission of fostering innovation, supporting entrepreneurial endeavors, and managing valuable properties.

BruhnBruhn Holding stands as a beacon of knowledge sharing, innovation, and strategic guidance, driven by the passion and expertise of Fredrik Bruhn and Karolina Bruhn. With a commitment to making a positive impact, the company continues to make significant contributions to various sectors, inspiring others to achieve their full potential.

About us

BruhnBruhn Holding, previously known as Bruhnspace Holding, initially served as the parent company for Bruhnspace Advanced Projects AB (BAP), which eventually transformed into the successful entity known as Unibap, presently listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. The roots of BruhnBruhn can be traced back to the groundbreaking research conducted by Dr. Fredrik Bruhn during his tenure at esteemed institutions such as Uppsala University, the California Institute of Technology/NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Mälardalen University. Moreover, the company’s wealth of knowledge and expertise is further bolstered by the exceptional skills and background of Karolina Bruhn in finance, project management, quality assurance, and business strategy.

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_Fredrik Bruhn
_Karolina Bruhn
_Karolina Bruhn


Fredrik and Karolina are both ready to take on advisory roles in companies where their core knowledge can make a difference. In advisory positions where a high technology and strategic transformation savviness is valued, Fredrik Bruhn can bring an edge. In positions where strategic business sense, knowledge of production streamlining, and quality assurance is appreciated, Karolina Bruhn is likely the right candidate for you. Karolina and Fredrik can also accept short-term assignments such as management consulting to boards, primarily technological startups and scale-ups.

"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it." --Margaret Fuller